Why I do what I do.

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Why do I bother to do what I do?

I have a strong desire to be of value and contribute to the world in some way.  

Previous to my coaching journey and starting a new career at the age of 50, I was a stay at home mom. I have four children that I homeschooled. I knew this was the greatest contribution I could give back to the world. Raising my kids consciously. I really felt honored. 

We lived in nature, off-grid. We made our own entertainment and enjoyed life immensely. I was motivated to live this way because it felt right to me. I believe having more time is more important than having stuff. I believe children should grow up with people who love and cherish them. I believe playing was just as, if not more important than schoolwork. And I believe connecting to nature every single day is just as important as eating and drinking. 

I wanted my children to develop into themselves, with their free wills intact as adults. This takes an enormous amount of mindfulness. Letting your children develop in this way. It is quite beautiful.

This life was incredibly satisfying to me. I felt extremely fulfilled and content.  It was wonderful.

But then, My kids grew up.

I felt purposeless.

I was depressed. 

I had the best job in the whole wide world and then poof it was gone. 

I had put my heart and soul into raising my family.  The laughter, the tears, the exploration of the new-fallen snow and daily long robust meals shared remain in memory, but my wonderful children, their free wills intact, are launched into the world, and my heart and soul were bursting with pride but aching with “Well, now what?” 

I spent a lot of time with my horses during those times, drawn into the herd. And back then, I was unaware of exactly what was happening, but all I knew was that whatever it was, it was amazing and replenishing something deep within me that I thought had been lost. 

Connecting with my horses was natural for me.  I had an easy knowing of what my horses really wanted and felt. I loved spending time just listening to them – their breathing, the whoosh of their mane, the munching of hay, just being with them.  They wanted connection and in return, I got a deep peace and tranquility that only  being an accepted member of the herd can create.

And from that magical place, my heart and soul sang out – “This.  This is what is next.” Teach and share this with the world. A career with my herd.  A career sharing peace and authentic connection. A career doing something I love almost as much as my children. 

But how?   Connecting with my herd was natural and easy for me.  But to teach and share it as a concrete concept without all the woo-woo?  Interesting challenge, but my heart and soul were restless and “this” needs sharing. 

Three certifications later – The Academy for Coaching with Horses,  The Life Coach School, and The HeartMath Institute. I had everything I needed – an approach to connection, an approach to life, a deep love and respect for what my herd taught me so freely and a deep desire to share. 

The result?  Authentic Leadership Through Genuine Connection.     

Genuine connection with myself is what I was learning when I was drawn to my herd while raising my children.  I thought it was lost but it was only waiting quietly. My herd filled it. My heart and soul knew it. But I had never put it together in such a way that it ever really sank in and took affect on my own life, until now. I wanted to share my process and what worked for me in a very practical and easy to understand way. 

And now I do.  And I LOVE it. I love partnering with my herd. They are fantastic examples of Authentic Leadership, therefore, the superb role models and most amazing coaches ever! 

So, why do I bother to do what I do?

Because I LOVE IT! and the world needs it! 

Carrie Mello

Vermont Equine Assisted Coaching

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