Are you looking for a gentle and compassionate way to train your horse?

A way that is gentle and compassionate, but still gets you results and your horse’s respect.

Have you tried being gentle, and your horse blows you off? Walks all over you?

Have you tried being “tough” and didn’t find it very fun?

I understand. I paid a lot of money for lessons and programs. Programs and lessons that had me chasing my horse around a round pen or tap, tap, tapping them with the whip until the horse did what I asked.

I hated being this way with my horses. It wasn’t fun for me or my horse.

Yes, I did get the results I wanted, but I felt like “what’s the point’?

I got horses because I LOVE them.

I also tried being very gentle with my training, but then I got pushed around and walked all over.

That wasn’t fun for me either. (Probably more fun for my horses though).

I stopped training my horses altogether. I started to just hang out with them until I could find a different way to be with them.

And you know what I discovered?

I discovered that I could be very gentle and lead with peace. I could train my horses in a way that honored my spirit and theirs. And guess what?

The lack of respect I got when I took a more gentle approach was all about me and had nothing to do with my horses.

I had to uncover what was going on in my mind. I was surprised to find so many unconscious negative beliefs about myself there. I seriously didn’t even know they were there.

These unconscious beliefs circled around and around in my mind, constantly keeping me silently distracted from the present moment.

And the present moment is where all the magic is!

Being in the present moment is where you develop incredible “timing and feel”.

I found it was easy to lead with peace once I cleared all the clutter from my mind.

I now love leading and training my horses. They still challenge me, but it doesn’t matter because my mind is clear, so my actions are clear, and my horses see me as a leader because they trust this clarity of mind. It’s the way of the horse. They love it just as much as I do.

Train yourself first, then lead your horse with peace.

Carrie Mello

Vermont Equine Assisted Coaching

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