The Power of the Present Moment

I feel stressed.
Circling around and around.
Different situation, same tightness.
Same feeling that “something is not right”
I just feel so tight and rigid.
Nothing seems possible.

Why bother going on?

Why bother indeed…

We seem to always be at war with one another.
We are destroying our beautiful world.
Greed and money overpower human integrity for our fellow humans and our beautiful natural world.

Then why bother?

Because there is a place I can go.
A place where I can still dream.
A place where I think great things are possible.
A place that ignites my fires to continue.
Continue to believe in my dreams.
Continue spreading a positive vibe.
A vibe of love
A vibe of peace
Vibes of goodness.
Vibes that we all play a part,
big and small.
Vibes that we are amazing humans that can accomplish amazing things.

I go down to the barn.
I can feel my horses before I can even see them.
I breathe…
I feel my feet on the ground.
I breathe…
My heart swells with love and gratitude as I meet my horses’ eyes and they meet mine.
“Hello my loves”
I feel the tightness dissipated like a warm morning sun gazing upon the frost.
My body feels softness, sweetness…love, peace, joy.
Warm and relaxed.
I breathe it in.
Again and again.
In and out.
I feel it all deeply.
The tingling through my body.
The warm glow in my heart.
The softness of my mind.
The freedom in this sacredness.
Peace and joy.

The joy in possibility
In my dreams for myself,
For my family,
For the earth and the humans upon it.
I feel free to dream.
I feel the deep vibration of love for all.
I feel the hope that peace is possible.

Carrie Mello
Vermont Equine Assisted Coaching

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