Carrie is an extremely gifted Equine Assisted Coach.  Her ability to deeply connect with horses is out-of-this-world.  I treasure every opportunity to watch her work with horses.  I always walk away with a deeper understanding of myself as a leader, coach, and human being.  Thank you Carrie for being inspirational and magical as you dance with your herd.
Michele Mitchell
When Carrie asked me to write something in support of her work with horses, I was delighted. I only met her once, at an Equine Alchemy Five Roles of a Master Herder workshop held at my farm more than a year ago. However, the experience of watching her interact with two of my horses was so spellbinding that it remains forever in my mind and my heart. First, let me say that having lived with horses for more than 18 years, and having worked with a number of wonderful horsemanship clinicians, I have seen and personally experienced that interactive “dance” that occurs when a horse and a human share a deep understanding of the connection that is possible when we, as humans, can put aside our sense of superiority and communicate clearly and powerfully with the horse as a fellow sentient being. Kathleen Barry Ingram refers to something called “holding the sacred space of possibility”, that is, the space between words and doing where a container of support is created that is fully engaged and open to what is happening in the moment. Horses do this naturally, and it was my great pleasure to watch Carrie interact with my horses in this way, first with one of my young geldings known at our farm as a “boundary challenger”, and then with the lovely, graceful and powerful mare who holds the second place of authority in the herd. In doing an exercise called “Relationship in Motion”, Carrie tuned into the unique energy and perspective of each horse, applying pressure as needed and answering each appropriate response with a release so fluid that what we witnessed with each horse was truly a dance. I look forward to having Carrie return to Meadow Run, and I know the horses will welcome her back as well.
Diane Loffmin
Meadow Run, GA
Carrie is truly a gifted horsewoman, She has a powerful and gentle way of communicating with horses that is amazing and beautiful to watch. She has a quiet confidence that invites horses to partner with her to accomplish any given task. Truly one of the best horsewoman I have had the privilege of working with.
Cindy Schwarz
It’s amazing! It helps you help yourself and It gives you a gift you can’t find anywhere else.
Carrie Mello is an authentically extraordinary human being and presence. Uniquely, her ability to consistently and gently empathize with all people and animals around her is inspiring (and calming). Carrie brings a grounded, loving, kind and trustworthy air to the space and time that she shares. Her horses are vastly intelligent (as she taught me: all horses are), and Carrie has the ability to decode them (and by doing so: to decode us) seemingly instantly, revealing layer upon layer of self-seeing, awareness, and sensitivity. Through a few sessions of focused work with Carrie and her horses, my life partner and I have found a much deeper love and listening together, and our prowess and joy with the animals we keep has soared. Personally, I have studied with coaches, animal trainers, advisors, and therapists as I journey through life. Carrie stands out as perhaps the most intuitive, comfortable, observant, spiritually generous and genuine woman among them. We are resiliently grateful to know her horses, her family, and her heart. Anyone looking for help connecting (with yourself, horses, humans) would be wise to take the leap into experiencing what Carrie and her horses have to offer. Words aren’t a huge part of that offering: but if these words can help direct you to what she has to offer, I recommend her with enthusiastic certainty to you. Believe in the possibility of a solution, of a better way, and that it’s already here within you. Carrie has given us back that faith and lights the fire within us to know ourselves more intimately. It’s that self-knowledge that horses look for, see, and feel. It is that self-knowledge that great partnerships thrive on and survive through. With a wife, a husband, a child, a horse... these relationships are all partnerships. Let go and leap into Carrie’s world. These horses and this woman won’t let you down. They’ll lift you up. Thank you, Carrie
Carrie is a wonderful, sensitive, courageous, loving and utterly genuine human being. Combining her authenticity with the natural presence of horses invites absolutely unique experience for people who want to dig deep, and - as Carrie says - to feel and deal with their emotions.
Iveta Clark
Czech Republic